Who are you people, really?
We are a network of wine professionals and fun enthusiasts. We know wine, and we have fun. We think you should too.

How are experiences created?
Each experience is created with you and your group in mind. We’re always thinking of new ways to combine tasting, learning, and having fun, and we can work together with you or you can let us take the reins. Either way, it will be spectacular.

How long does each experience last?
A lifetime. The memories, at least. The actual experiences can be one, two, or three hours long.

Where are experiences held?
It depends! There are so many great venues in and around Chicago: Bottle shops, retail stores, restaurants, breweries, even your own home or office. We can decide on what’s best when we start planning.

How does this whole thing work?
Simple: Contact us. We’ll plan an event together. Ba da bing, ba da #winning. For ideas, look here.

How much does this whole thing cost?
Good times are priceless, but the cost for each experience will vary depending on what/where it is and who it’s with. Tell us your budget, and we’ll go from there!

Anything else?
The world is our oyster. Let’s pair it with wine.